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Corel Draw 11 duplicate placement


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Duplicates - Settings


This is referenced to Corel V7 but should be same in later versions


Duplicate placement and nudge

make horizontal setting 0.0 in
make vertical setting 0.0 in

That's all there is. And when you want to make up a multi-up job,

just change the placement settings to about same as or a little larger than the graphic and ctrl-D to make duplicates that are created at the offset distance you require vertically or horizontally from the original.

Like if you want to end up with a dozen in 2 columns,

duplicate the original vertially 5 times...then group and grab the 6 units and copy them - paste them back in and drag them into alignment to the right or left of the original "column" of 6.

Boom, there you go.



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I had to go to one of the corel newsgroups to find out how it works. Corel changed things in v11. You can now set it on the main workspace page in the lower property bar when nothing is selected. Maybe this helps others. Thanks for everyones response.:thankyou: