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corel is crap!


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I've got a roland sx-15 and I cannot, to save my life, figure out how to properly cut from Corel.
When I go to cut from corel the ONLY thing it lets me do is put a HAIRLINE outline on my project. Completely useless because the cutter cuts every line twice and it ends up messing up.
I've hit every possible selection when in the print section for Corel and no where does it allow me to install anything.
Is there another way to set up the driver for corel?
Thanks for the help


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try roland they used to have a driver for their range of cutters for corel products I think www.rolanddg.com or something if anyone else knows webpage please post it.
also in corel you can set the outline, ie on my cutter (not roland) I set the outline to .003 mm and it cuts fine.
http://dg4.roland.co.jp/en/downnew.html is only link i could find that might point you in right direction.
hope that helps ya out



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Do a search on this forum

We all or most of us use corel and it is a great program if you know how to use it. If you do a search on this forum you will find the info you need i think. If you want something easier to use spend $4500 on flexi it works great and you have to spend it to make it!!
corel does not suck...this is frustration from operator error. sit back take a deep breath and let us know what version you are using, listen to those who know how to set up corel for the various plotters. if you have no patience for this buy a bridge program like co cut which will allow you to design in corel and then it will eliminate your need to go through the steps in corel to cut on your plotter, however this is not necessary....what is necessary is to have the patience to learn and not get frustrated with your own experience or lack there of and blame your software for your lack of how to use it properly.


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the STICKA has only a COMM port if iam mistaken....and i have no idea of how that works.....only way i know to hookup to ROLANDS is PRINTER PORT cable.
and YOU ARE THE PROBLEM .....as i was in 1992 when i got my 1st copy of corel 3.....and spent more time cussin and slammin keyboards..then you can imagine...
remember this....ANYTHING WORTH WHILE LEARNING, WILL TAKE TIME.......and iam one of the best in corel 10......NOW......heehehehehehe.


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Yep, there's definitely a loose nut behind the controls. I suggest that you pack up all your stuff and put it on ebay and get out of the business :)
Seriously though, using Corel as your sign software will allow you to do many things. But, it will only let you cut shapes or objects. A stroke or what I think you are calling an outline is not an object. So, you'll need to convert the outline to an object, then cut it.



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sorry sorry sorry. just a little frustrated that's all. I have CorelDRAW x3 and a roland sx-15. The roland site only offers a driver for Corel 11.
I don't know what else to do.


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all the above are correct checkers makes a good statement You will definately have to understand Corel


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You may need a lower version of corel.
I used to use a stika 12 with corel 8 and that worked OK. I don't think X3 supports that machine.


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Here's how I do it.....

I have cut from Corel Draw versions 9-X3, and each one was a tad different,even from plotter to plotter it seems.

With X3 and my Roland SC500, I assign a colour to a hairline stroke, and name it CutContour (important).

With my Roland SC540EX, I assign a colour, and name it CutPath

It works perfect every time.

Also, use the PRINT command. Make sure your plotter is installed as a printer.


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some drivers have cut poly turned on by default.
cutting the fill perimater then the outline.
turn that off in your driver and youll be fine.
driver problem ( in more ways than one ) not corel.