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Corel Nodes

baxter gamble

New Member
I'm using Corel X5 and have a Node Question. Is there a way to change the node handles from arrows to boxes? I'd like it to look like the handles in Corel 11 and earlier versions.


New Member
Look up in the menu above the work area when you have your node tool selected
(excuse my lack of using the correct terms)
If you hover your mouse over any of the little icons, it says what they do.
You can make the arrows go away. You can add arrows. It's pretty cool.

baxter gamble

New Member
Must be that I am blind. I don't see anything on TOOLS that would make this change.

If I hover over the icon i can see what the node edit tool will do. But I don't see how to change the node handles from arrows to little squares.

Can you help?


Quit buggin' me
I don't think there is an option to do that.
I looked and didn't see anything.
You can turn curve direction on and off but it does not effect the handles.

wayne k
guam usa