Corel upgrade info


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Saw this in a newsletter today.

It seems that many users don't understand the implications of the new upgrade policy Corel implemented late last year. In short, only users of the previous two versions of a product are eligible for upgrade pricing. Based on that policy, users of CorelDRAW X4 and X5 only can purchase the upgrade version of CorelDRAW X6.

Because this is a new policy, Corel provided a one-time grace period following the release of CorelDRAW X6. During the grace period, users of all previous versions are eligible for upgrade pricing. The grace period ends on June 18, 2012 so there is less than a week left as of this writing. If you are currently using CorelDRAW X3 or earlier, act now or you will pay full price should you ever decide to buy a new version. Users of CorelDRAW X4 will have to pay full price as soon as the next version of CorelDRAW is released (admittedly this will probably be in 2014). With the huge price difference between upgrades and full versions, make sure to upgrade in the next few days! After this one-time grace period ends, you will pay full price.


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My last paid version of Corel Draw was OEM 8.0 and a couple months ago Corel let me upgrade to X6 for 199.00....So while there is a policy like this, it seems Corel sales folks have the ability to adapt on the fly if a potential sale is getting ready to hang up.....