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CorelDRAW 12 - Adobe style activation scheme?

Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
I'm currently working through a couple designs so it may be at least another couple hours before I try installing CorelDRAW 12 on this new Dell 9100 PC I hooked together yesterday.

Anyway, I wanted to ask any CorelDRAW 12 users out there if the upgrade has an activation scheme similar to that used by Adobe in their latest releases.

I have some concerns about such activation schemes because they can be problematic. Just visit the Adobe forums and you'll find plenty of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign users cursing their machines because they have to re-activate their software at odd times, or the software just quits and refuses to re-activate. I haven't encountered any problems with my Adobe Creative Suite 2 setup on my Dell notebook (knock on wood). But it's also not going to be something that has me dead in the water either if their activation goes dead (there's other apps that I can use). Here at my work, I need to have my Corel installation working 100% of the time. There's just too many thousands of legacy files and many designs in progress in need of attention. If CDR12 uses a similar activation scheme, I'm going to be a little worried about it deciding to quit out of the blue over it needing to be re-activated.

Si Allen

New Member
I have Corel 8,11 &12 on my computer! (Haven't gotten around to uninstalling CD11 yet) No such problems here!


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corel dosn't use that kind of nonsence. I hope they never do either.. All it does is harrass the legal owners.
Adobe uses it but there are fixes for it all over the net. CS2 came out and the fixers fixed it before it was released..

However, every file created with these softwares is tagged with info in the file headers. In fact, some windows XP sound files had tags with the software registered in the name of a cracker group.. So, it does no good to manufacture files for professional use and risk getting caught..