Need Help Coreldrawx8 drawing -node connecting problem in simple drawing


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the drawing(hat) i drew > I have tried joining the nodes with join curves with upper right docker (used 0.0-0.3 as closure) and have whole image selected while trying to join the nodes but the nodes are not joining correctly. 2 pics shown these were before tried the join curve at nodes . fill hat without the join and still fills in hat wrong. the hat picture with the extra line was before trying the join curves and after join curves it still filled in hat the same way. thank you


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I believe you want to turn your outline into an object, convert to curves, then break curve apart, then you can click each line and work with it individually, then you need to check each line with the nodes, and try arrange, close path, and once you close the path, all will be fine. Then you can combined it into one piece, then export as an EPS to cut vinyl with.
I know I'm close. Just easier when I'm actually working with it.

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I've always struggled with connecting nodes in Corel for some reason. Almost a little relieved to hear I'm not the only one....


CorelDRAW is best
You cannot join the nodes without having the fill problems you see. What you need is 3 seperate shapes with outlines.


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The basic problem the OP is having is he is trying to join an end node (which is proper) to a node in the middle of a curve. That doesn't work. You can only join end nodes to end nodes.