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Corner rounder


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With all of the infinite wisdom here at Signs101, I was hoping someone would have a solution for my current situation. I have one repeat customer that orders weird aluminum sign blanks every week and needs them NOW. I want to be able to just cut myself and finish the corners without having to order customer sized. The Lassco model-60 is the only one I can find to handle .080 aluminum. Now I do not mean to sound cheap, but I do not want to spend $700 bucks on the thing. is there an alternative to this? What do you guys use. If the quantity ordered picks up from this customer then I could justify the expense. Right now it is just to keep them coming back. The turnaround time is just killing me right now.
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How about buying a radial template like the architechts use, mark them and jig saw them then finish with some light sanding? Just an idea


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How many at a time ??

We many times just sand them with a belt sander or our disc sander. Up to .080 aluminum sands like nothing and fast, too.

If you want to cut down on time, grind them first and then sand.


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It sounds like you need to ask your clients to stop running your business!
If this guy is ordering enough of these signs on a regular basis, it's time to talk with thim and negotiate to get him to commit to a contract quantity and price. This will afford you the opportunity to either buy the corner rounder, be able to stock what you need.
I use tin snips and a file on .080" aluminum. A belt sander would work too. If the design has a border, like a No Parking sign, I design the radius corner into the design, apply the vinyl and use that as my template.

The accucutter is workhorse. The inital investment, like anything else, takes away from profit - but it lasts forever AND will make the work soooooo much easier.

GitRdone - noticed that you are into "birds". Don't know if you do any trap, but it is the difference between hand-tossing the clays or using the machine.


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Like maddmd mentioned Accucutter is a very good tool to have around the shop. Initially a bit costly but it will soon pay for itself. We round corners on aluminum, komatex, coroplast, etc. just about anything that will fit into the die.

baxter gamble

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I also had a need for special sizes and hated the cornering process. The Accutter is sure spendy and I held off for a long time. Finally broke down and spent the big $$. I have to tell you, it's one of the best investments I've made. I also searched high and low to find and alternative with no luck.