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Can anyone recommend a supplier for colored coroplast (particularly orange)? Our current supplier is always out of whatever size or color that we need. The rest of the suppliers we are familiar with only carry white.

I am also looking for a 4' x 8' PVC board in yellow


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They're a ways from you, but I like Pacific Coast Sign Supply. Great selection and very knowledgable folks.


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I get mine from N Glantz.
Are you near Alumapanel?
Dunno if they stock coro but I have heard great things about them.

Timothy Davis

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I get my coro from Alumapanel, Great bunch of folks there, always a nice help and rarely do they not have what I need.

Best price on Vinyl around here too.


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The reason you can't get Orange is because we buy so much of it! Well, kind of seriously. We buy Orange Coroplast diecut to size (24"x24") in 1000 piece increments. We buy 5000 pieces every year for a little niche
market we do signs for. (screenprint)

Orange can be hard to get. One of the major manufacturers of it is in Texas, but you can't buy direct from them. We've tried.

But vendors for this stuff are all over the country. Scrounge around.