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Corporate Logos

Hi everyone-

New to the business and have learned a lot so far. There are some great discussions in the forums on Sign101.com. Keep it up! Quick question...I am making signs for A-frames for a client and I am using their corporate logo from the OCA Enterprises software package. I haven't cut the vinyl yet, but the preview does not show the logo correctly. The information states that Flexi users have to choose merge to properly acquire the image. Also it states to select "EPS" from the file type box. Is this all in Flexi? Any help would be appreciated.




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it sounds like the OCA disc may contain each image in multiple formats, & they suggest the .eps format for cutting vinyl in Flexi. That makes sense, maybe the other formats are bitmap images for example. When you say "the information states..." I'm guessing you mean info that came with the OCA discs. I don't have the OCA discs, but I do have Flexi. I don't use Flexi very much, but I have had limited experience with the concept of "merge" in graphics programs. I think it is very similar to "import"... so instead of going to the file menu & trying to "open" the corporate logo from the OCA disc, it seems like you won't be able to do that, so instead if you open a "new" blank page first (or the existing A-Frame sign layout you already created) ..then choosing "merge" from the file menu in Flexi & in the same process... you may have to select .eps in the "file types" box in Flexi's "merge" box, just to be able to see the .eps files on your disc.
Thanks for your help, Doug. I colored everything black and that did the trick. I will cut it and see what happens. It looks good in the preview though. Have a good night...er morning.


Fred Weiss

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Flexi did away with the Merge comand which was the same as import. Now you either open or import depending on whether or not you want a new workspace or you want to add it into an existing workspace.