Corvette at Lemans


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Watched the first 9 hours... then Speed switched to a NASCAR
'practice' session.......((((((((((()))))))))))) oh god- I am channeling OldPaint

Celebrating my 44th year of owning (at least one) Corvette.

Craig Sjoquist

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Corvettes to me are the best affordable sport car made.

A close friend had a 71 Greenwood edition that was one cool looking car and great to be in sad day when some idiot with no license., Insurance piled into back end then high tailed it out of the America to avoid every thing.

I designed a Vette club logo for Deland Fl. group. whoopie lol

One of the cars that will retain it's value over the years if not increase.


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In '73 a friend and I bought a new coupe with a 454 and I modified it with
the Greenwood bodywork (to cover 10" racing wheels and slicks) and many
other performance and handling mods and co-drove it in autocrosses all
summer (including the full track at Donnybrook (now Brainerd International
Raceway). It was very dark blue with a wide pearl white stripe front to rear.
We sold it at the end of the season. Expensive FUN.