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Solvent Parking Good For Printhead

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I like to know How do you guys save your Printhead Because of Curfew
I put solvent to the cap and lock the tube that goes to pump (Solvent Parking)
Currently Using DX5 Printhead
Then I change Solvent and Do a Black Patch Print and Do the Same for 3Days

What do you guys do and Recommend


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I do cleaning cycle each five days then I print CMYK steaks and only then I do custom cleaning with solvent and park my print head for the next 5 days. My captop is in excellent condition.


If the capping station is in a good condition turning the printer on (from standby) every two weeks for 5 minutes or while it cleans itself should be enough. My boss decided to flush the ink completely to be on the safe side and we lost about a full cartridge worth of ink and the same amount of washing liquid, so not very economical. Just to steal the thread, do you guys think solid colors will be okay after refilling the printer or panels will have different shades for a while?