Covid floor graphics for industrial carpeting


There might be a product designed for this but small orders will not get me to buy a full roll so what do you think of using a high adhesive vinyl with a floor lam?
From what I see from my personal shopping or going to banks that people are using duct tape or other non floor designed products... They seem to be working for the most part.


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You will be fine, removable might be better for the carpet. Your right, I have seen wayyyy worse lol.


I was thinking that high adhesive would hold better and still not leave any glue as it would never really bond to the carpet fibres


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Yeah the stuff we have for carpets is very sticky but apparently removable. We hadn’t tried it until COVID so I guess I’ll find out when the customers need to remove em!


You will have trouble removing them if you use high tack vinyl.
We did some using standard adhesive and they hold down well enough and are removable.


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Everybody has a preference on floor materials, usually based on good and very bad experiences lol. I would say there's only a small handful of reliable floor materials available on the market. There are also a LOT of other floor materials, but they have resulted in performance disasters for a lot of us. A half roll of TexWalk is like $300-400 if my memory is correct? It has to be worth-while to grab one of those even if you're fielding small orders. If you're not selling small orders of say 20 small "stand here" decals for $300 then ... that's not normal to me.

In COVID times, the hints are staring us dead in the face: First, the reliable floor materials are sold out everywhere and being bought up constantly the second it comes from the OEM. Second, the failure materials are still available OFF THE SHELF LOL, even with COVID they can't sell out of it! 3rd, I'll never buy another General Formulations product for as long as I live (and it's still available in large quantities, that should tell you something).

I have my first-round preferences as well as industrial secondary options for when all the "trade printer" style adhesives are sold out.
In my experience, "standard" strong adhesives stick to carpet sure, but they don't remove without leaving adhesive behind. And unlike hard floors, that adhesive is then impossible to get out and your customer is upset. The carpet adhesives are usually not just "stickier" but also have 2 other features: They were designed to be heat-set with higher tack than cold set so they adhere to the master more than the carpet, and they are usually 3-4 mils thick for greater carpet contact instead of standard vinyl adhesive at 1-2 mils. I personally wouldn't play with untested materials on carpet - failures, mad customers, reprints, and lawsuits are nothing I have time for.