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We are not a fast sign shop. We are a custom sign manufacturer that does large signs and mainly bank signage and constrcution. We have a graphic artist that does our drawings/graphics. He also supplies us with production files that he charges an hour's worth of work to do...

I have tried, unsuccessfuly, to convert .AI or .eps files in my Omega software. What is the best way to approach creating production files based off of adobe files or .jpegs etc...? We bought a plotter to cut our vinyls since it is much cheaper than outsourcing that and we can also have them cut immediately when fabrication needs them...

Any help would be appreciated. Is there some conversion software, or do we need to go all out and by photoshop or something like that?

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Have your designer save the .ai or .eps files in version 7...that will import into far as .jpegs, they should be able to open directly...hope this helps:thumb:

Fred Weiss

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You will get a lot better answer if you are more specific about several things:

What version of Omega? Each successive version has been more capable at handling evolving file formats.

Are the "Adobe" files being supplied in AI, EPS, PDF or some other format? Adobe is a company. They publish a number of different programs. Which program is your graphic designer creating the files in?

Are you looking to end up with a vinyl cuttable file or are you print capable? JPG and other raster image formats are not cuttable and can only be printed or remade as vectors for cutting. If you need vectors than AI or EPS in version 7 or earlier is what you need from your graphic designer.


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Yes, my graphic designer does save them in .AI files for us to use. However, he charges a fee for this service, which I feel I could do on my own.

His drawings are always supplied in .pdf files.

I would like the capability to create production files on my own (whether the drawings come from our designer or a client or wherever). I currently use Omega 2.0 Graphic Design and Production... I just need the capability to convert any type of file to a production file.

Thanks Again...

Fred Weiss

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Then you should have your designer follow three steps;

1. Instruct your designer than everything supplied must be in vectors without using strokes to achieve any effect, no vectors crossing over other vectors, and that there can be no raster images.

2. In Adobe Illustrator, assuming that is what he is using, he should Select All and then execute a Convert to Outlines command.

3. Save the file as Illustrator Version 3 - either AI or EPS. Omega 2 is not up to snuff for importing PDF files.

This will give you the vectors you need for cutting.

If your work is such that you do not require print images and you no longer want to use your outsource designer, then my suggestion would be to simply use Omega for your setups. If it isn't up to the task, then look into any or all of the following:

1. Upgrade your Omega to the current version 2.5.

2. Purchase a licensed copy of Adobe Illustrator CS2.

3. Purchase a licensed copy of CorelDRAW X3.

4. For creation of cuttable vectors from raster images, you will either need to learn to vector digitize or use an outsource such as The Vector Doctor.

Tony Teveris

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Send me a couple of PDFs and I'll see what we do with Omega 2.51.

We have a swatch palette for Illustrator that contains the Gerber Spot colors including Clear fill and Cuts.

If your designer creates with these you should be able to import with no color conversion and cuts assigned. Gradients are a little messy and text is broken down into vectors.

So send those files and I'll be glad to let you know.