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Creation (CT630) Cutter Driver for VMP


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Anyone know of a driver for the Creation CT630 (a cheaper but very well built cutter from china)?

Their website isnt very helpful, and I've seen lots of users getting into the biz choose Cibercut or Flexisign because this 24" cutter can be had really cheap (as low as $700), but everyone with VMP is ticked off because it wont work with the normal HPGL driver.

The problem is when you go to cut it cuts all the text/objects mirrored!
I'm thinking it has a different initialization or pen up/pen down command, but no one can figure it out.

Please help :)


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Have you considered setting up your plotter as a generic printer?

I have read that it solves a lot of these issues with driver conflicts.

There are instructions on how to do this in the VMP help files.


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I have received the Creation CT630 two weeks ago and I had the same problem but after some settings I made in the programm it was ok! My cutter came with the ARTCUT 2000 software and driver.I work on Coreldraw 9, converted to curves, exported in eps and inported again in the Artcut2000 program. Click cut and that's all.
Before this cutter I had the Roland PNC 1000 for the last 14years but now it's total lost. I'm from Malta and had bought from Hungary.If you need more help e-mail me on peter22@di-ve.com


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I've tried this cutter as a Plain Text Printer, and also a generic HPGL plotter, the plain text didnt work (cutter rebooted itself), and the HPGL generic driver works except all the cuts are mirrored!

If someone has this cutter working in Vinyl Master Pro PLEASE send me a message or post here to let everyone know how to do it!


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Creation PCUT Drivers

Had the same problem. Needs a driver and setup file. Email me at 101@durack.net if you would like them. Works like a treat once they are installed.