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Cricut crazies want scraps !

Jeff grossman

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i have been approached once again by the circuit “craft “ people wanting to buy scraps of vinyl and HTV from me but after seeing the crap they do online I just can’t . ( The money would be great for unused materials but they put anything they can get on any substrate they want not to mention the household iron they use to heat press . ) Anyone else been approached by these “ crafty crazies “ and would you sell your scraps to them if they asked ?
Fortunately/ unfortunately I have an old gerber oddessy and can cut almost all my scraps so I just send them on their way ......
* anyone needing a good laugh or cry check out some of the FB groups they have buying and selling their work and supplies .*


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If that bothers ya, what do you do when a real crisis hits ?? Have several of them, I just GIVE my scraps to them. Who cares ??


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Most of my scraps just get put in the bucket. We have one guy that keeps EVERYTHING and I’ve never seen him use any of it. Probably had most of them for years. Just looks messy. Someone’s basically paying you to take your trash away, who cares what they do with it?


When I started my current position I was under Marketing and had a coworker with me in the sign shop; The look on our faces and reaction upon hearing the Marketing Manager owned a Cricut must have been something to see because her face lost all expression and went pale.

Texas, I use my liner paper for paper patterns when I need them and I wrap prints and large decals with them.


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Texas, I use my liner paper for paper patterns when I need them and I wrap prints and large decals with them.

We do as well and a neighboring business is a custom wood toy maker who wraps his boxes for shipping with all the brown kraft paper we use in our laminator. It is possible to divert things from the waste stream with a little effort.

Christian @ 2CT Media

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In all seriousness We do a little of all. We give backing paper rolls to schools for art classes, vinyl if they want it. We have given scrap rolls of vinyl to a company that "chips" it as an additive to some epoxy they make. We use the backing pape as patterns or sign packing material.

We just always end up with too much. I want to find new avenues to purge excess or build a custom library of inventoried sellable goods.


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Recycling is getting to be useless now.. Some cities are just burning the recyclables now or mixing it in with regular trash. Price of recyclables has plummeted and China will no longer take it


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When I started working at my current place we had 40-50 rolls of odd colors. A year of working there goes by.... 99% of them were never touched. Another year... Same. Third year... Same. I asked if I could donate them to a school and I was told no, we might need them some day.

Company got bought out and we got a new owner. He hated hoarding and I got the go ahead to get rid of them. We donated at least 40 rolls, half of which were almost full. Including 2-3 rolls of vehicle wrapping material... The schools were ecstatic. And now we regularly donate any excess. We do a lot of custom jobs... We always buy a few yards extra of each color just incase we screw up... Better to waste a few bucks than having the customer wait a week to get more material in. Every month we collect all the extras and give it to the school. They've been sending their sign work to us since... Including thousands worth of wayfinding. We've probably made 5-10x the worth of vinyl back in work they've sent us because they appreciated it.

As for the cricutters... I keep a box of small scraps. If I need to cut a 20 ft 31" piece of vinyl... I trim the 17" off and roll it up. We usually donate it all to a local art shop that teaches crafts.

With all the backing paper we throw out, anything we can keep out of the landfill is a bonus for us. You guys have me a few ideas on what to do with backing paper... Always thought it was garbage. We used to give it to some local college paint shops to use as cover sheets.... But after getting a few thousand ft they ran out of room to store it

Christian @ 2CT Media

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The wax coating side is great for finger painting or lining tables for schools.

We even use it as a cheap table liner when we have parties so the kids can color on it.

Jeff grossman

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Thanks for all the insight - my scraps go to the local scout troop and elementary school. vinyl , sign board and cardboard vinyl roll cores . I look at it as free advertising also - I’ve gotten more than one job from these groups .

James Burke

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An international tragedy in the making.

If we don't support the "Cricut Guild of America, Canada and Mexico", future generations will NEVER know of Calvin's compulsive urinary tendencies

Such a loss could even render the term "sticker" obsolete....oh, the horror.

Just sayin'.

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I donate scraps and drops to local school's art departments. Typically advertise on Facebook and people will share it to art teachers. Recently filled up a SUV full of foamcore drops from a job. Felt pretty good. lol. Then when the hobby people come in, I explain that I donate them all away, but they are more than willing to take all the cardboard tubes they want.


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We also donate our scraps to schools and such. Although one co-worker's wife has one of those machines and he regularly grabs scraps for her to use.

The waxy vinyl paper backing, we use to line our trash cans. It keeps the vinyl scraps from sticking to the garbage bags. Or we use it for when we use a spray adhesive, as a drop sheet. And we cover our paint tables with it.