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I am wanting to design a van layout and was wondering how i go about cut the shape around the wheel arches and around the windows etc.

Cheers all
Sorry. but I can't really understand the question...what has "CS" got to do with the question?

I'm guessing this:

Re wheel arches, you either work with them, or you ignore them. Windows, ditto. The choice is yours.

(where downunder are you?)


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He in Victoria Ian

When I measure up a van I use the "put a known length object" in the picture and scale off that. I havea one metre metal rule I use and put it between the wheels on the ground and when scaling into corel I scale it up that way. When working around wheels (ive only done two vans) if youve scaled correctly when you cut etc it should be right if yu took pic dead on side on, hope that makes sense, makes sense in my head. But thats a scary place too :p
Does that help?

PS whats cs? Ive no idea either!


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Iknow I know!!!
Photoshop CS!!!!

damn Im just so clever sometimes!
(only took me 20mins for that to click)
Steve, the point I'm alluding to is that he has a question, and is not clear, to me anyway what his problem is. If explained better, more people might be able to help him more readily instead of maybe avoiding the thread because they either can't or don't want to be able to be bothered.

Spury if you want to know how to chop selections from a selection, there are books & tutorials, or just use the alt key (in P'shop) to subtract a second selection from a former one. You don't say whether you just bought photoshop cs, or whether it's Illy (Illustrator CS) that's your stumbling block, or whether you've ever used either one in former versions before...

There might even be tutorials, videos or pfd help files with your software.