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CS2 workflow

signtech 2

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How does one go about designing in Illustrator and then shading the vectors in photoshop, only to clip them back into the vector outlines in Illustrator for contour cuts, etc?

There has to be an easier way to do this than exporting each object to a file from illustrator, opening in photoshop to per-pixel shade, then bring back in and clip-mask it after re-centering! At least I hope so!

Thanks all for any insight! I am getting pretty good with Corel... time to step it up.


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What version of Illustrator and P-Shop do you have?

Thats the first question...
Why are you trying to lay out the art in Illustrator then go to Photoshop?? IF youre doing gradients for Printing..I can kinda understand that. You may actually want to try starting directly in Photoshop using Smart Objects Otherwise, you can do your vectors in Illustrator, Import to Photoshop as VECTOR Smart Objects then go back to Illustrator with all of that done. I personally dont mess with going back and forth like that.
I know both programs really well..but not exactly sure what you are trying to achieve. Get back to me and give me an idea as to what your goal is. I can probably help you out with it.

Ian Stewart-Koster

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I sometimes design in vectors, then export to P'shop to add shading and effects, but I stay there then, and print from that. I've not done further cutting at that stage, only printing. I'm also a newbie in the print game.(outsourcing it all)


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I do it the same way you do. I don't really think there is another way. If you design a graphic in illustrator and want to apply styles in photoshop to particular areas it has to be clipped even though it will take a few trips back and forth between apps. You can work with smart objects in photoshop as well but essentially you are doing the same thing