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Curving an Image


New Member
This is either so simple or so stupid that I can't find it...:(

I have a bumper sticker sized image that I created in Corel (all vectors). I am toying with the idea of digitally printing it and placing it on the visor of a car racing helmet.

But, in order for it to work correctly, it need to have a curve to it when printed. I approximated this angle with curved text, but need a way to curve this entire image to that curve.

Any ideas? Or is this even possible?



Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
Corel's envelope function is not very accurate when it comes to manipulating complex objects. Often the distortion effect will have inconsistent results for various objects in the envelope.

I think IllustratorCS2 does a better job in this respect, although some of its results still leave a bit to be desired. However, at least the results are consistent for a complex warp.


New Member
I appreciate the Illustrator help guys, but note the fact that I'm using Corel. :):):) Just kidding....I appreciate any help.

The envelope function that VectorDoctor suggested gave me enough info to figure it out, so thank you very much.