Need Help Custom Neon - Ineterior


Where can I get a custom Neon Tube Sign, similar to what you see for a beer logo sign behind the bar.

they are wanting Baseball, name and number, multiple colors, interior wall mount, self-contained with a standard wall plug. overall size 18"w x 36"h

Thank you
We have all of one shop (that I can think of) in our area that does neon. I would suggest trying to steer them to faux neon, which (depending on your capabilities) you might be able to do yourself.
Doing a quick Google search on "neon bending Texas" turned up 16 results.
Good luck.


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Yea, Google Search to find someone local. We're one of the very few shops in our area that handle neon. In fact, there's only one other shop that could be considered close and they're really not that close and don't really push the neon end of their business.
What about spell bright led signs. Led that looks like neon and u can build them letter by letter. Very easy and very durable