Cuts won't turn off...says they are???

I'm attaching my file that I am trying to work with. It's a car decal where i am printing white on matt black vinyl.

I have the white printing properly but all i want to cut is the main car outline...and the 2 circles at the bottom that are the exhaust.

I have everything else turned off for cuts however when I send it to the plotter it is cutting the outlines on everything that I have filled with the white foil.

Please take a look and let me know what I am missing...

unfortunately I can' upload a plt file but if someone will take a look at it I could e-mail it to them...

Thanks so much!


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I never used macimprint, but I've used Omega a lot & sometimes I would find that i have multiple copies of a contour right on top of each other... this can lead to all kinds of strange behavior as well as some serious confusion in trouble shooting... so you might try clicking on some contours & deleting somde items... just to check (& then pasting them back of course, if there were no second copy)
You nailed that one it was multiple copies and I could not see the one underneath. Huge thanks to The Sign Says, Becky helped me out this morning and took a look at te file and figured it out.

Thanks for all the help everyone I'm starting to get adapted to Omega it's just going to take Some hands on use to really learn it.

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I find when I have a stroke and a fill with the same shape (from corel in my case) and import the eps into omega, it brings in the filled part as a solid shape, and the stroke part as a more-times-than-not set of open shapes...always a pain to have to remember to un-stroke before exporting...but haven't found a work-around as of yet