Cutter for new start business


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Hello everyone,

I was thing about Roland NB-20, but some said it's a little slow with cutting. Is there anyone can direct me to a Cutter to start with?

thanks a lot guys


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Yes, but a lots of people mention that it's very slow in cutting and I'm thinking if I've got a cutter and printer



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For Cutters that will let you expand your business, I suggest Graphtec or Summa. Both are fast and can be paired with a dedicated printer to diecut printed jobs as well as making decals and cut vinyl. Graphtec makes a very bullet proof plotter and the price is excellent. Summa is a bit more deluxe and the price is higher.


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I am enjoying my BN20 / GS24 combo. Good for starting out. The BN20 is a slow printer so taking the cutting to the GS24 really saves time. And its easy to pair up the workflow in Versaworks.


Get a Graphtec CE 7000 24" Model.
Flexi Cut (Non Subscription)
3m SC50 Series Vinyl 50 yards of Black 10 Yards White
1 Roll of Transferite Ultra Pre mask Tape.

Do not start off with cheap media.
You will Burn yourself.

Mimaki would be my Second Choice, and Suma would be my Third Choice.

Gregory1 For Equipment, Materials and I outsource the big big jobs to them.
They give you are great rate that will let you do a proper mark up.

Athens Paper
Reece Supply

Good Luck

Do your Printing on a Printer
Do your Laminating with a Laminator (GFPs are the best and best for the dollar)
Do your Cutting on a Graphtec.