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Cutting directly from Corel Draw


New Member
Is it possible to cut directly from corel 12 with no bridge/plugin?

if so how? any good links to read on how to do this?



New Member
what plotter you using? any that use a roland driver it can be done ....its a simple setup.....its been posted here couple times....


New Member
i have a summacut d-60 connected via usb from what i understand this method is only possible via parallel connection which my pc does not have.

im looking into buying co cut or sign cut another program i am trying out right now.

i also have the option of getting flexi 7 for $500 however i think i will be overwhelmed with that program as i know nothing about it and very litte about corel as it is.

I get to play the learn as you go game, its gotten me this far in life i guess.


New Member
cocut pro would be a great choice for you along with corel draw. I use it weekly and find something new to use it with all the time.
As with any software. you could find a number of sites on the web that will give you some great training for corel all free.


New Member
CoCut PRO has some VERY useful features that you really will want. I don't think std has power weed lines, or the welding/trapping features.


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I have a Lynx s60 using corel 11 , i down loaded cocut pro, i go to install driver and there is no lynx s60, any help? i saw to use a roland driver, but which one?