Cutting handwritten fonts?


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Might be the wrong forum but i'll try this one.
Im having some issues when it comes to cutting handwritten fonts.
If i just make a quick example, let's say i wanna make the text "my name is jimmie" in a standard handwritten font. Im mainly using coredraw x3 for all my work. If i turn on to view the wireframe, the end of every letters kinda crossing eachother wich means that if i cut it, the plotter will cut all the letters apart instead of cutting the letters word by word like a normal font.
Tried exporting as diffrent filetypes but same with both eps and AI.
And all handwritten fonts are made like this. there must be a easy solution for this.
Using a Summa T750 along with SigncutX2 and a gerber edge2/envision plotter.

EDIT: Added some pics to show what I mean.


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Ken Sankey

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For wimpy thin scripts, once it is welded, add an outline to "beef it up", will also make weeding easier and a more pleasing script.