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Cutting hidden paths


New Member
I imported an EMF file into Ai. I tweaked it a little and then sent it to Flexi. When I cut it Flexi cut all the paths even the hidden ones. Is there some way to set this up where it will only cut the visable paths??

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
  • Copy and paste all the vectors onto a new page.
  • Select All and assign one color to all.
  • Execute a Combine > Weld command.
  • Copy/Paste the result beck to the original page.
  • Check to see what you've got compared to what you need and edit from there.
There is no easy solution.


New Member
there is a lazy man's shortcut sort of option for complex designs that don't warrent the time required to properly weld everything, like when the client is more cheap then picky.

If you have vectorizing software like Adobe Streamline (or I guess Flexi has vectorizing capabilities which I've never used) you can print out the file (with "hidden" lines still hidden) ...then if you get a print that looks like you want the final vinyl to look, you can just scan it and vectorize it.

That method results in rougher lines & sloppier corners & curves... but until you get proficient in redraws, it may come in useful for those complex jobs for cheap people.


New Member
Doug you could raster it and then vector. Or just export to a bmp or Jpeg and then import back and then vectorize.