Cutting on small vinyl pieces (6 to 8 inches)


I have a pile of scraps and have saved them from various jobs, and my kids asked if they could have some decals for their books, binders etc. I assumed I could just put a small piece on, select "piece" on my cutter (an old Roland Cj-60) and go to town, but since the piece does not cover both media sensors, it either pulls it forward too far (and falls out the back) or pulls it ahead and then doesn't bring it back. I know the guy who had it before me had tape over the media sensors, but I peeled it off. Is there a trick to cutting with these smaller pieces?



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set it up using the option to not check width, or just set it with a piece of vinyl that it can sense, then change it out?

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6-5/16" is the min to hit the sensor. Put the right roller on the left edge of the wide part of the drum. Put the center roller right next to it but "lock" it in the up position. Put the left roller on the 2nd from the right window to the drum. Put your 6 1/2" strip of vinyl in and cut away.

I hope that came out right. LOL


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or you can add a piece of 2" masking tape to the back side of the vinyl...overlap about an 1/8" ...apply a piece to the vinyl side and carrier paper side.

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Here is my take on this.

If its like the CJ 500:

When you set up as piece the printer looks for the size by moving the vinyl forward or back until the censor is covered. Then it starts the other way until the other censor is covered and then has the length of the piece. The width is read by where the two outer rollers are. If again its like the CJ 500 you can have the rollers anywhere and it will think that is the width of the media. I will use the middle roller and right roller on the far right of the platten to hold smaller width media and just leave the left roller on the next open roller. This way the two rollers hold the media and feed the media. Only issue is that when printing, do not do a cut at the same time as the one roller will most likely be running back through the fresh printed area to do a cut. Look at the other roller spots to match your media to. If your media fits between two rollers further left on the platten just have the right media roller on the far right section (if not an error will show). Then the middle and left roller on the media. Make sure you move your cutter head over to the start of where you set your media and hit base point. This will start the print or cut at the point. After every job sent you need to set the base point or it will start at the right roller setting which would either print ink on the platten or cut on the strip with nothing there.

I would recomend setting up the piece as "Roll" and cover the censors with tape or turn them off in service mode (if possible) so that the printer sees the back one as covered and will always print or cut and not stop due to it being uncovered and the printer thinks the roll ran out and stops.

At times that last inch or two the the printer will feed the media can make a difference in getting the job to fit on a selected size otherwise it stops once that back censor is uncovered.

You do need the censors open for when reading crop marks for the cutting after laminating if yours can do this. Also if you select piece.
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Thank-you so much! I really appreciate the helpful feedback. I can't wait to go try it. Thanks again.

wow.......sounds like a lot of trouble for you guys to use this media... I would at that point just list it as a "circuit material lot" on Ebay and make some quick $$$