Cutting Outline


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weird question... Have FC7000 just installed. Can cut to path great, but it always cuts a square in the size of the page around the path cut. I can't stand it and want to turn it off, but can't find where to do that. Got NO training and have had to learn as I go. Hoping to find a quick answer to this. Not the end of the world, but it is very annoying. thanks for any advice.:help:


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I have a graphtec but not that kind. The first thing that came to my mind was on my signmaking software (Gerber/Omega) is the machine cutting a weed border?? If I am in left fied forgive me. I just walked in to work and am still asleep.


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Are you doing CutContour through CutServer?

If that's the case my brother is a programmer for Onyx, and he was a lead on Cut Server 2.0. If it's something in the software he would know.

I have a FC7000-160, I use Onxy 6.5 and gerber and I know inside GSPPlot it has a weed border setting, but I can't think of anything on board the FC7000's or inside CutServer, but who knows.