cutting slows to a crawl on our SP-540V


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On our Roland SP-540V we have encountered this problem when we cut after a print, it will start off fine cutting at normal speed 30/cm per sec then after about one row of cutting lets say small vinyl stickers, it will then pause and then it begins to cut like 1 or 2 stickers every 5-10 mins or longer!.

Has anybody ever had or heard this problem and if so how do i fix it?

and if this helps the software I am using is Roland VersaWorks ver. 2.2.1


P Wagner

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The first thing that I would do is to update Versaworks to the current version 2.30.

Does this happen when printing as well, or only when cutting? If it's both (pauses between passes), I would suspect a network-ralated problem. If it's only a cutting issue, then I am stumped.



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This only occurs while in cutting mode, and I see it happen most when I am cutting large quantities of the same stickers like 100-250

but good idea maybe I should upgrade to the latest version.