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I was searching around, but couldn't find any information on this machine. Does anyone already have one that can give me some do's or don'ts about it or any reps out there that want to sway me ??

:thankyou: Gino


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Perhaps I was a little vague, but here is the actual part number......... CJV3-130.

Any comments with this added information ??


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Mimaki expands it's award winning 'sign & graphics' systems with a unique range of integrated 'print & cut' solutions, bringing even greater choice & flexibility to its customers.

Mimaki Engineering Co Ltd a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutting machines for the sign/graphics, industrial and textile/apparel markets. The line-up consists of four models at various widths starting with a 60cm wide unit, moving up to an impressive 1.6M. In full, the range comprises of 60cm (24”) CJV30-60, 100cm (39”) CJV30-100, 130cm (51”) CJV30-130 and 160cm (63”) CJV30-160. This unique CJV30 series is designed by uniting Mimaki’s legendary and state-of-the-art inkjet and cutting technologies to deliver a range of products that will outperform anything within its class. Following the widespread adoption of the solvent inkjet printer, various solutions for contour cutting of printed materials have been proposed. Mimaki has an established solution for consecutive contour cutting using the JV33 series printers and the CG-FXII Series cutters with the continuous registration mark detection function. The system is widely used for decals, vehicles, stickers & labels, POP displays and T-shirt decoration. The new Mimaki CJV30 series is an integrated print and cut device that will automatically contour cut without any steps in between. Furthermore, it delivers a seamless workflow based upon Mimaki’s long experience and expertise in print and cut. The integrated device fits in small office spaces and comes at an affordable price. Customers who have limited room and budget can now use Mimaki’s sophisticated print
and cut technology for contour cutting. The 60cm (24”) CJV30-60 has many applications but is especially suitable for retailers to make sales promotional displays. ”Hybrid don't underestimate the significance of this product launch; Based on already successful solutions, Mimaki offers greater choice ranging from small to large format solutions for it’s customers in order to expand their business opportunities. The Mimaki CJV30 series is a powerful tool for them to express their creativity in a wide variety of print and cut applications,” says John de la Roche, National Sales Manager at Hybrid. The CJV30 series uses Mimaki's fast drying SS21 solvent ink, enabling it to execute contour cuts soon after printing without ink lifting. In addition to this the newly developed Auto Change Clamp Pressure function sets clamp conditions for print and cut to fit a wide variety of media. It can be set from the RIP software and switched automatically. Printing requires several pinch rollers to securely hold the media in place while cutting needs two pinch rollers - although wider media typically requires the use of three. Clamp pressure from each pinch roller can be set in from the RIP in four stages (strong, medium, week and off) according to the type of media type and switched automatically. This function eliminates user errors and allows for long and continuous operation without manual intervention. The Continuous Registration Mark Detection function can deliver high productivity even when lamination is required. When substrates are re-set for lamination after printing, an optical sensor enables automatic consecutive detection of registration marks thereby enabling precise contour cutting by aligning each image automatically. As described in either case of cutting functionality soon after printing or by re-loading media after printing for lamination, long time consecutive contour cutting is made possible, shortening job turnaround times. The Mimaki CJV30 series uses state-of-the-art technologies already employed in the JV33 series: The White Ink Overlay Print function uses high density white ink and offers simultaneous white and full color printing. It creates vivid full colour images on both opaque and transparent substrates. This expands Mimaki’s range of applications for print & cut. With Mimaki’s UISS (Uninterrupted Ink Supply System), the machine can utilise two cartridges per colour in 4-colour mode for continuous printing. When one ink cartridge runs out, the second “stand-by” cartridge takes over and helps prevent running out of ink. Ink cartridges can also be changed “on the fly“. These functions make the CJV30 series unsurpassed as a productive solution. To achieve high quality print and cut using the above new technologies, Mimaki’s original RIP software: Raster LinkPro4 SG and plug-in cutting software for CorelDraw and Illustrator: Mimaki FineCut are packaged with the system. The other packaged application software: Simple Studio can create print & cut data to generate stickers with ease.