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Cyrious Software

RJ California

New Member
I am considering Cyrious Software as my sign estimating/invoicing software. I currently use Estimate, which has some good features, but because of some issues I am looking at other options.
I am wondering if anyone here uses Cyrious (or a different program) and what they think abou it.


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Cyrious is an excellent program, used it for several years while working for different sign shops. I started my own shop about 6 months ago and am using a program called GraphixCalc, it is a stand alone application that a fellow sign maker wrote the software, works pretty good also.

it is a temporary fix, until can justify purchasing the $1900 for cyrious, but that only gets 100 invoices a month on the license, up to i think $4000 for unlimited invoices a month

but to answer your question Cyrious is an excellent program in my eyes, i tried Estimate, and returned it 2 days later.


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i am using Cyrious SMS v8.5. its EXTREMELY detailed in its pricing, lets you use line item minimums, setup fees, tons of upcharges or "modifiers", etc, discounts on qty, etc. i have used estimate before it, and theres no real comparison in the two. It also has some marketing features and schedules follow ups for estimates, jobs, AR's etc. I would recommed it.

i have been looking at thier Control V3.0. Its more than the SMS, i think its somewhere around $7500, but it seems to have even more funtionality, but i havent seen much on it. i know they are having some type of user group at the orlando show.


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So is Esitmate software the worst one? Id like to know because I do screen printing also as well as vinyl. Which one is best for both?


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We are using 4 stations of Cyrious software networked together with Window XP, 2 on the counter, 1 in my office, 1 in design room.

Still have 2 extra dongles, will let go for $850 each, PM me if interested.


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You may also want to look at Casper, as another alternative. We use Activity as well as Estimate for some functions. Activity as a POS and estimating program has some very good features, but I would not recommend anyone to purchase it at this time due to their complete lack of customer service and support.