D-60 Power Supply

Doug Pulver

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I just tried to power up my Summa D-60 and nothing. No display, fan or action from the cutter head. I remember reading about this problem here in the forum, so I did a search and came up with a thread from 2009, Great help and I found one on ebay brand new for $29.99 plus 8.99 shipping. Thanks again Signs101:thumb:

I had the old one out of the plotter and on the desk in 15 minutes. It's very simple to diagnose there is 120 volts coming in on the black and white wires and should be 27 volts out on the red and black wires. Mine had nothing out on the red and black. There is also another fuse on the power supply that checked out.

Ursta Graphics

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Same thing happened to me last week. I found one for the same price... Definitely helps to shop around! Google part number searches are a godsend! Lol!