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Deaton Designs is now a Merchant Member

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Deaton Designs is our latest merchant member. John has a newly released collection of his original and wonderful cartoon clipart available on CD-ROM at The Toon Factory.

Welcome John.

Deaton Design

New Member
Thanks Fred. This is a great CD for the price, and I spent alot of time drawing, scanning, and digitizing the files to make it easy to cut, print, etc.
75 different vehicles in black and white in eps and ai format, and color in eps format.
Check out the site and look at the samples. And thanks again Fred. Im glad to be a merchant member on signs101!

Steve C.

New Member
Wow! GOT MINE...... Thanks John, That is a Great price. I'll be watchin' the mail. I've been wondering when you'd have this ready.


New Member
Looks GREAT - I didn't see a terms of use anywhere, are these OK to reproduce for any resale (on or part of something - not resale as art/digital files) - thinking shirts especially (sorry if I missed it)


Deaton Design

New Member
Yep, use on shirts are fine Steve. These are royalty free images. You can use them for screenprinting, vinyl, digital printing, etc.
I probably ought to state that on the site.
Thanks for asking.:)