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digital print banner newbie questions.


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before I get my VersamCAMM within the next two months I want to ask:

  • Can VersamCAMM print on dark color banners with light ink? ie: white on black banner?
  • Can VersamCAMM print on banner with hems on?
  • Where can I get rollstock of banners with various colors?


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:Oops: If you’re asking questions like that, I don’t think you understand the idea behind digital printing yet. Maybe you should do some more research, because it doesn’t sound like you have a handle for this line of work yet.

First of all, nothing much thicker than .030 will go through a VersaCamm without ruining it.
Next, inks are all transparent, unless you get a machine that prints white, which isn’t an option on the VersaCamm, as I know it. So, you can print to a light or pastel type of color, but not with accurate results.
Getting roll stock banner material in various colors is available from any banner company, but that doesn’t mean they’re good for digital printing.

Before you get your machine, go to a trade show or two and watch how the many machines do their thing. Don’t necessarily listen to the salespeople pitch, but ask your questions and see what the machines do first hand… then re-think what machine you want or need. :wink:


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Thanks Gino,

you basically answered all my questions.

so, graphics can only be digital printed on white banner?

Yes, I don't know much about VersaCamm right now, I'll try to do search as much as possible and maybe allow some more time before I get it.

Beacongraphic often give some free tickets to the sign trade show, I think I'll give it a try.



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If you're only in New York, the big show at Atlantic City is only two months away. I'll be there Saturday, as I'm sure many others will be doing. Try to make that show. It will do you a lot of good.

I bought some things from Beacon, but generally try to buy elsewhere... reasons I can go into later. :Oops: