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Direct print on aluminum and arrow shaped coro


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I am working with a customer who left a major realty company to start her own. She is looking for prices on .040 24" x 24" double sided aluminum signs, as well as 18" x 24" Arrow shaped 4mm coro signs. The prices she says she used to get are insanely low. I believe it was a discount because of her companies buying power. Never the less figured it could not hurt to see if anyone knows a trade wholesaler for these items that maybe I don't have in ye olde rolodex yet. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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It's a well known fact in the industry that real estate agents are the worst clients, they want everything for the lowest possible price and they want it tomorrow. My money is on her lying about her previous prices and hoping you will bite.

But who knows, maybe i'm just a jaded old man...

d fleming

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Give her a quote you can be happy with and tell her she left her big buying power with her former company. You might be able to find arrow shaped coro at grimco.


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I am not soliciting you at all, but we do a lotta these. There is no way for you, us or any other wholesaler to compete with the 3 main real estate companies on these kinda deals. And yes, you are correct, she got a company discount. You'll just hafta gain her trust and give her your best price. She can either like it..... or lump it.