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Does anyone do legit dirtbike graphics? I am getting new plastics for my bike and would like to design my own graphics kit. I have found some "semi custom" ones on line and honestly am not really into what there is to offer. I will be looking got get 2 sets, one for a 08 kx450, and one set for a 2011 KTM 450 exc. I would much rather give someone here my business rather than some random dude off the internet. Thanks!


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May I ask why you cant/wont do them?

I did some but my SP-300V did NOT like cutting the convex and lam together :0(



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I just did my first kit last week with My SP-300V as well.
And I ended up almost maxing out my downforce, making two passes, adjusting the blade protrusion (adding to it) and I still had to go around the edges manually with a blade.- The Lam is VERY thick.
However, the finished product turned out very well.
A friend and client supplied the material. It is called Substance, I think he got it out of Cali.


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Well I believe we've clocked over 10,000 kits made since starting the biz. So does that qualify me? :)


Well I believe we've clocked over 10,000 kits made since starting the biz. So does that qualify me? :)

No you don't qualify, makes you the guy that knows how to stick that stuff to plastic tanks, and the guy who kicks butt. Help him Flame then you qualify. You obviously have the Niche market sussed.


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It's a pain to cut convex. Generally I cut 2x at half force with a 60 degree blade. Or once super deep with the 60 degree.
Cut slow.. And make sure the media is cold or you'll have a hot rubbery mess.


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I understand Convex is the best, and for a customer, I'd make sure and use it...but I did mine and a friends out of 3651 to just see how it went, and it's held on great over a few years. If it's for your own and it does give you trouble, print another set out. I just laminated it twice to give it lots of protection.


I've used Convex, Motowrap I and II, and Substance. IMO, Substance is the superior of the 3. Colors pop, cuts nice, and the price isn't too bad.


Word of advice on cutting, outsource it. I do and it litterally takes less than 7mins per kit to cut.

FYI, I never waste time using my new Summa as there is a much quicker way ;)


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If no one here does them I can do them for you. I mostly do them for my brand but also do some custom ones for friends. I use Substance vinyl with 15mil lam.


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We do around 15-20 kits a week.
That may qualify us also...:)

We also offer a design your own option as well.

Bikes are around $75 -$100 depending kit.
We provide the Print template, not the cut template. In EPS, AI or PDF format.