Disney dirt bags

they really will try and cash in on anything they think they can make a buck out of.............and they probably will make aload of bucks out of it to!


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I got this off of wikipedia. about the image..... Good luck with the copyright

This image is a work of a U.S. military or Department of Defense employee, taken or made during the course of an employee's official duties. As a work of the U.S. federal government, the image is in the public domain

I believe they copyrighted the name, not the patch, not the symbols, just the words. While some might think Disney is exhibiting questionable behavior, it's actually a very smart move.

Disney has no obligation to anyone's sensibilities, only to their stockholders.


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Once art is created by THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT it cannot be copyrighted by a private individual. It is owned by ALL taxpayers. [old statutes].

Exceptions seem to be the recent AIR FORCE stylized star and wings and other military branch logos and campaign art and materials.


Disney cannot copyright the Seal Team Six patchwork art anymore than you or I can copyright a Space Shuttle logo / patch.

Generic word groups like SEAL TEAM SIX...you or I could have applied for them too. Operative word...applied...does not mean they protection has been yet granted. Money TALKS!


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another important thing to remember is whomever gets to the trademark office first WINS! I dont care if this was thought up 10 years ago by the feds if they never "trademarked" it disney or anyone can tradmark it and make them stop using it.

When I had my business name done this way, my attorney did a search for the same name. Well it showed up in north alabama and although I had been in business for 10 years at that time she hadnt but she got it first! Pissed me off but I learned from that experience.

What irritates me is they "ironically" filed a couple days after this came out, conincidence?


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disney has no problem with taking copyright material and claiming it as their own and suing the rightful holders (lion king/kimba) or taking public domain stories and doing the same (most of their characters and stories) and on top of all of that they just remake old stories into new ones placed in different parts of the world or in different times. in the end it is all the same story. i wonder how they are going to get those 7 guys into team 6?


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So I just applied for 82nd Airborne and 101st Airborne... Think I'll get it? I don't think so... if Disney can trademake the name Seal Team 6 there is something wrong with the system.

Pat Whatley

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What in the hell does it matter to anybody? Seriously? Is it going to effect any of you in any way at all? No. Who is going to be damaged by it? The Navy Seals? Get real.

Disney is going to end up doing something along the lines of Air Bud with it, make a kid's movie and the associated toy line, and your kids are going to go see it (just hold you're "Not my kids." line of drivel.) Sure, if enough people raise hell about it Disney "might" hold off on development just to avoid the media frenzy but in the end the only reason this has become an issue is because a few talking heads made it one.

Where was all this hell raising when Universal trademarked "Jarhead", Paramount trademarked "Top Gun", and MGM trademarked "Windtalkers"?