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Disposable plastic banners on a roll.


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I do a fair amount of business with radio stations and media outlets -- one of the things they currently get elsewhere is the disposable banners on a roll (like these) http://www.reefindustries.com/division.php?div=6

anyone know of a wholesale supplier of these?

I would love to crack the door open on this product, they go through a ton of them... and are replacing the more permanent banners we make with these for events.


Be good for those graduation banners and things like that too

Jack Knight1979

New Member
These are a hard thing to produce. I used to be friends with a company that produces them and they farm them out as well. I tried to get into this business, but the setup cost for each print is pretty high. Most printers won't even touch the job unless it's 5,000 feet long. Max width for most of this type of offset printers is around 30".

It's a tough nut to crack.


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Should be able to produce those on my VP540 with perf cut on banner.
24" cheap banner with a perf every so often.

Cost however is the issue. Looks like someone is just printing plastic on a four colour web press. Any idea of cost per roll?


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You could probably print on cheap poly plastic banner material like what beer distributors use and some how make the perf cuts.


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Looks like they are getting them in minimum of 3000 sq ft orders for about $.11 a sq ft.

Good grief!