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Do you work weekends

Do You Work Weekends

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AC Signs

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I have been in the sign biz. for 14 years and I have had to fight hard to keep my weekends for me and my family. I have had to work weekends because of emergencies and felt good to help.


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Not as a rule, but seems like I do since it is from my home (detached shop). Just today, I visited a client, but plan to spend the majority of the day with the fam, and resume later on tonight.


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with my full time job during the week , i mainly just work cutting and programing orders on the weekend , basic during the Nascar commericals , i save the weeding and installs for after work and during non race weekends.
only on rush orders that pay more i work the full week ends to get it done.

Jon Aston

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I try very hard to maintain a balance between a busy family life, community service, and my business...and it certainly isn't easy.

My clients tend to need flexibility from me, and I doubt that will change. As a result, I tend to work alot of weekends, but try very hard to ensure that I've made time throughout the week to keep things in balance.

I am reasonably successful in this regard when it comes to my "nuclear family" -- but I don't quite manage to spend enough time with my step-sons (who we only have on every other weekend). My community service is (mostly) manageable.

As my business grows, I expect to be able to depend delegating some of my weekend work activities to my employees. That's the plan, at least. Ask me again in a year's time.:smile:


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I worked in a sign shop for 14 years ... this was mostly monday to friday with the odd weeknight. The last 7 of those years i also worked out of my house. So i worked days, evenings and weekends.

After quitting my job in early 2002, opened up my own shop and worked 7 days a week and not making much money. I made the mistake of hiring an employee as soon as i opened. Winter came, the employee went :) and years following i was still working 7 days ... Making money though.

I noticed though that even being in the shop the whole time didnt make me as productive as if i took one or two days off and returned fresh. Been almost 10 months now that ive decided to keep sundays off. No matter what! And it feels great just having that one day off.

Keep in mind that im divorced with no kids :wine-smi:


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I to work from Home (basement) and find the need to do installs and meet with clients on Weekends.. do to I also work a full time Job..... And its tuff meeting two schedules Family and Work..But I always make time for my Family...

Graphic Language

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The family biz is currently working out of our basement and garage... I've got a day job (and my wife does until November) and 2 kids, so we work whenever we have a spare moment.... Saturday, Sunday, Middle of the Night...

We took an order for 3 mag signs for a pressure washing company this afternoon and we're redoing the graphics on the wife's car... it's Saturday at midnight, and I just got done taping up the vinyl for these after spending some time with the family. I'll probably get up early and finish the mag signs and apply the window graphics...

Generally, we try to not take orders on Sunday, but we'll answer the phone and emails if we're not in the middle of something.

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12:22am here and the cutter is still cutting, I just finished weeding out stuff for 6 sets of mags, the 4 banners still need weeding and taped, I got 3 hrs sleep a couple days ago!! I MIGHT.. see the bed before dawn, depends on how "wrapped" up I get. Time flies!! Yep I work weekends!! Currently working out of Garage.



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I work from home so I don't have a set schedule, and my customers are other businesses, not general public. I work whenever to get jobs out. Once earlier this spring I pulled an allnighter due to my customer being slow in delivering logos which had to be cleaned up (expo sponsor signage). They did pay rush charges, though! If your shop is open to the general public you will want to study traffic patterns and decide whether being open weekends is profitable. If you don't have to be open, take some time for yourself. Even when you love what you are doing, you need a certain amount of rest to recoup and keep your brain happy.