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Does anyone know what happened to InspireXP PRO?


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Does anyone know what happened to InspireXP-PRO? Did they go out of business? I went looking for it the other day and the site is gone.
Another member was asking where to find it and I don't know what to tell them.
I thought it was a great program and to go out of business so soon. Can't be?

Also has anyone ever used Canvas-X ( http://www.deneba.com/ ) for signs. I was playing around with it at a friends and it's pretty cool.
It's like having Photoshop and Illustrator w/ cad tools, in the same program. Nice.....

And while I'm mentioning programs, Has anyone ever tried the free, open source program Xara Xtream http://www.xaraxtreme.org/
It has some really neat screenshots in there gallery.

Pro Image

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Don't Know Chuck...........I upgraded over 6 months ago and untill you mentioned it I haven't been to their website...........It's gone just like you said. I have had Inspire since it came out and can make signs with my eyes closed with it.................OH WELL...........


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Scanvec was the original mfg......starting with Casmate. Casmate was replaced by Inspire and then Inspire was replace by Flexisign. Amiable stepped in somewhere and new company is called Scanvec/Amiable (how original). I've worked with all three and the old Casmate was still the best. I still have it running on a Windows 98 computer and use it alot.


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I have used Canvas and it's a very good program, especially for the price, but since I do more than signs and Adobes suite is integrated very well and print vendors prefer it, I have no need to use it. If I was tight on funds and used a Mac, I would not be ashamed to use Canvas.


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Don't know either, I actually had a thing going with them where they would bundle my GraphixCALC software along with Inspire. I've been trying to contact them to no avail...I guess they just shut 'er down, but I have no idea why other than I don't think they were selling many copies of Inspire. Still, would like to know what's going on for sure.


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My Guesss??/

too many good sign softwares, for too few users, for to high a price, with little credibility, with too few inovative features, and that dreaded dongle..

Now for some comentary,,
Lets see here. What do I mean "that dread dongle".
Its simple. There are some really great copy protections running almost transparent to the user. The autheros should be using them instad of dongles.
For example. Game consoles. Or the satelite TV machines.. It is almost impossible to run any "copied" game unless you have some kind of mod chip, which are now very difficult to find since the developers were sued out of existance. Games cannot be copied and operated with out the original disk,,
Dongle software was just about impossible to crack just 5 years ago. There were maybe 5 people in the world with the ability to break dongle protection. Now, the dongle code is broken within hours by literally hundreds of crackers using automated softwares.