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Does anyone use Flexi 7.x for Invoices? Successfully?


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I currently use F5.7 for estimating, printing and saving invoices. This has
some limitations of course- being 10 years or so old. One of the reasons that
I have bought upgrades right along (up to version 8 that is) is I know that
it is a very capable program... but... I still prefer the old 5.7v6, I know it
well and I think that for most tasks it is faster. Over the years I have tried
several times to learn the new program- only to find things that I cannot do with the newer program.

I have not been able to get a decent invoice out of 7.6v2
to save my life. I would like to think that I just haven't figured it out yet-
not that it has serious flaws.
If I write an estimate in 7.6- why will it not pick up the details in the
invoice template- only the total. Not very handy.

I am not going to upgrade again until I see an improvement made that will
actually benefit me. I have spent many thousands of $ with Flexi over the
years and the annoyance is building to a peak. Gene :rolleyes:


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from what i have seen

EstiMate is the way to go. great for estimates and good for invoices also. or make up a good invoice template in word and just paste in your info for each job if flexi is doing you right on the estimate part.


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We use excel and have built in formulas to help do the calculations for us.
Saves time and your template prices are updated each time you build a quote or bid.

You can make it look very professional. We do one for our in house use, then hide the columns we don't want seen like cost, % markup, gross profit and net profit, etc and give that to the customer, it itemises the cost and gives them the retail cost of the sign, we have even built in a discount column that we use for volume, churches, etc.

Recently we have built a customer job approval sheet too, they sign it, it has a pic of the sign, dimensions, cost, date it is good to, it is like a mini contract and proof so to speak.


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In the sign business for 16 years with computer/technical background. I am a master user of Flexi Pro and CasMate Pro as well as certain POS software.

Flexi can be set up for invoicing however, pricing formulas must be in place. One in, it works pretty good. The only thing is that each sign or line item sold needs to be saved as separate files if using this feature.

Example: Store front lettering is sold. When creating an invoice, Flexi scans the open widow and determins sizes and quatity of each letter and auto prices for the selected price field of Vinyl letters.

It is a pain. I have used Estimate, Cyrious and Activity Pos. I know these software programs very, very well and Activity blows them away.

Completely costomizable! You can even create new work order formats with add-on pricing for that new pricing.

The contact management module and marketing module work flawlessly.

Our marketing was very heavy using SIC codes for direct industry marketing in conjunction with the National Tradeshow Directory for its cronological listings. Activity POS not only made it easy to market to specific industries but, setting up the pricing formulas and utilizing the work order tab for add-on pricing was dummy proof.

It also does accounts receiables, statements, employee time clock, reports for everything (even price modifications), work in progress, department posting (project location), sales tax report, royalalty report (for franchises) and more.

Having any POS software is much better than none!

If you have any questions, I can be contacted at signman2u@yahoo.com


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Your first problem is that your complaining about the best graphic software on the market today,
not being able to create an invoice for you.

1. If you can design signs, you can design an invoice - on any version of any software . . .

2. Why would you use an a multi-thousand dollar program to make a damn invoice,
hell use a Word-Doc, Excel, Estimate or countless other cheaper more affective methods . . .

3. Flexi - In any form thats ever been sold, was never designed to be an estimating software
in any way, so your complaining about limitations for that purpose only,
instead of praising its artistic creation ability, is absolutely ridiculous . . .

Sorry for the Tongue-Lashing !

Good Luck !