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Question Does this happen to you?

Darion Judd

New Member
This summer has been terrible for material shriveling up like this. Any advice on how to make this stop? Our humidity is around 50%


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New Member
This summer has been terrible for material shriveling up like this. Any advice on how to make this stop? Our humidity is around 50%

Only happens to us when we leave the media loaded for extended periods (more than a couple hours) without printing. Unloading the media is the only thing that we've found to prevent it. =/

Darion Judd

New Member
Good info. Unfortunately this happens to us while its printing. Never quite as bad, usually only one little finger causing head strikes.

Joe House

Sign Equipment Technician
That's pretty typical of vinyls that have a thin liner. Moisture gets into the liner and it will swell. It can also happen when putting a roll of cold media (like it just came off the truck in the winter) on the printer without allowing it to acclimate to the print room conditions - but obviously this is more of a winter time phenomenon.


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That is not just your every day buckling. Either you left the material on there for a long time while the heaters were on and/or you have your heater settings set too high. Your pinch rollers look good from the picture but take a close look at them and see if any are eroding on the edges. Also, the humidity range for the machine is 40% to 60% which is mostly pertaining to the print head but maybe your material is especially sensitive to humidity? Might just call the manufacturer on to ask about that. Also, make sure you are loading the material in perfectly straight. If it's off by a lot it can cause this type of issue as well.


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Just loaded a roll of material in and started printing. Rolled off the slack and somehow, it caught up faster than anyone had seen. With a little too much pressure/weight pulling, it buckled a little bit. Didn't cause any harm, but it looked similar to your problem, just a different machine.


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We never have it to that extent and so quickly, but for us it's a combination of heater setting and humidity. Try turning down your heat settings and possibly check out a dehumidifier.


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it happens in our shop sometimes with intermediate grade vinyl when we leave it in the printer overnight, but only the section that is sitting on the heater part of the printer,


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ALWAYS unload your media (you can keep it on there, just not loaded up ready to print like in your photo). that and humidity I've learned can cause issues. Our humidity can range between 40-60%