Dotted line in Corel question.

Is there any way, in Corel X-3 and Signtools 3 to create a vector dotted line from a shape?

I have a shape with a curved top and bottom, and I want to create a uniform dotted border about 1/2" in from the edge (think of "stiches" sewn on a piece of material.)

I know that you can select line weight, and choose a dotted line, but is there an easy way to make this line a vector, or do I have to make some squares, and go in and trim the areas out that I don't want?

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If you create the dotted line with the pen tool, you can then go to "Arrange -> Convert Outline to Object". This gives you each dot as an individual vector shape. For some reason you then have to delete the original line (easiest to see in wireframe mode)


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-Contour to the inside and break apart
-select the inner object and go the the outline pen toolbar
-a dialog box will opren where you can customize the dotted line
-convert outline to object


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I wish there was an easier way . . . I would also like to do this quickly and all the time !

I wish somebody would create a MACRO that would do this . . . !
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if you're doing it all the time with the same line weights then recording your own macro would be easy.


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You'll have select the options you use...

Hot keys used here.
F12 (outline pen dialog)
CTRL+Q (convert to curves)


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