Double Sided sticker


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Would anyone mind sending me an example double sided sticker created on omega for the gerber as i am having trouble creating one and would like to know how its done.
Many thnx


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sorry just read im not allowed to request files on here, but if some1 could send one to my email it would be a great help.

Fred Weiss

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You're not allowed to ask for digital files at Signs 101 but here's a link to a couple of threads that should be of help. They're at a different forum so you may have to register to be able to read them.


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you just need to layer side one over mirrored side two. if the colors are the same on both sides , substitute in the file different colors for one side so you can easily recognize and select them if adjustments are needed. Send to quickplot and apply a flood coat of white in between, all done on Imagecal clear. You'll be printing reverse then floodcoat or white mask and then forward.