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Drawing Tablets


New Member
I would like to know from the people who use a Drawing Tablet or have used them before what your thoughts were compared to a Mouse.


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I prefer the tablet. ...I've never thrown one, in frustration, across the room until the cord snapped it back like I have a mouse, anyway.

I have a 6" x 8" Wacom.

The Vector Doctor

Chief Bezier Manipulator
I got a Wacom Intuos 6x8 tablet about a month ago for helping with vectorizing and to avoid wrist pain. I've used a mouse for 18+ years. It took some getting used to. For precise straight line work I still prefer a mouse, but the tablet helps with more organic and curvy shapes or for tracing complex shapes. It is very, very sensitive, but I think you can adjust using the Wacom setup.

It works very well in Photoshop and that is where it really shines since you can adjust how the tools work based on how hard you press on the surface. It is very unnatural to draw curvy lines with a mouse versus a pen. You can get much more expressive effects with the tablet


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It takes getting used to but wacom is excellent & their site does have refurbs for sale