Dumb illustrator question....


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Okay so this isn't a huge issue but its becoming annoying...

when I go to scale, rotate or anything with transform, the point of where it transforms from has moved and i'm not sure how to put it back to where i'd like it.

when I scale type, the point is at the very last letter in the bottom right. it used to be on the left side.

I don't remember how to fix this...can anyone spare me of this frustrating little problem.


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When you set type, choose the type tool, THEN look at the top of the page where the "legend" bar is. There should be information in that area regarding the type "style", "Size", "paragraph", etc.

you can choose flush LEFT, CENTER, or FLUSH RIGHT.

If you set type, and need to change these settings BEFORE converting to outlines, just highlight the type, by selecting it, and go to the above menu, and make your type changes. hit return, and your changes will take effect.

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Er, *scratches head*

You guys sure you're talking about the same thing?

I think it's the anchor position in the transform tab, which will fix your problem.


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that works too. However because I was working with text it was because I had the text right justified which was causing my problem while trying to scale or rotate text