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DWG Files (AutoCad)

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
We get various files generated out of AutoCad including DWG, DXF and EPS. We never have much luck and definitely do not have fun trying to work with them.

williamson design

New Member
If im not mistaken you can open DWG & DXF in Adobe Illustrator, and output or save to desired format.

I do know that a lot of the AutoCAD formats have a lot of "lines" that are not connected.



New Member
don't think the lines of most text in an autocad text is conected gotta draw with polylines but Kenny is the autocad expert I think I know he still uses it every day last I taught it was release 14 1990? 91?


New Member
...I print to a PDF file directly from Autocad...makes a clean file for import, and you can control all images, line-weights, etc. at the time of print.

Autocad 2007 has a new DWG file format, so you will have to save down even for newer releases of vector software in order to import DWG/DXF files.