DXF file format?

showcase 66

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I have a client that sent me a DXF file of his number plates for his race truck. This is the only file he has of the sizes he cut on his plasma cutter. Is their a way to convert it to an EPS or AI file.

I am kinda hurting on time on this. My own fault. I miss understood what he said thinking next tuesday evening he needed them. But no today he needs them. I had the file since yesterday. :banghead:

Fred Weiss

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Open or import the file in Adobe Illustrator, FlexiSign, Gerber Omega, SignLab or CorelDRAW and then Save or Export it as EPS.

showcase 66

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Cant get it into AI. Tried to place it in AI and still nothing. Says it is in a format which cannot be placed. Same as when you try and open it in illy. I broke the dongle on my Flexi so I cant get it in there right now.


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I usually just right click on file and go to "open with" and select whatever program to open it ie corel, illus, etc but I just tried a dxf file and didn't work in IllyCS4 or CorelX3 yet opens fine in VMP, so if the others can't do it for you I might be able to.

showcase 66

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John and Fred helped me out. Still not sure why I couldnt get it to work. I have done them in the past. At least I think I have.

I did think of something just after getting everything done. I could have opened it in my AutoCad and then saved it as an EPS. Would have been very rough but it would have worked.

Thanks again.