E066 - CR Motor


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:banghead: Hi all, I arose the following error code: E066.

My printer is an OCE CS9090 = MUTOH ROCKHOPER 3.

1. You clean the encoder and the sensor.

2. Run Check the encoder sensor is OK.

3. The printer turns on normally and when sent to print less than half and mark the E066 error.

Thank you for your help.


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it can be the steel belt

the problem just started,
if you can print the nozzle check and if you send a job starts to print and then the error, is that the steel belt is about to fail, try to tense the belt a little bit.
that normally fix it.
I hope this helps


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Thanks for your help and response.

Since the steel belt adjustment and did not improve.

I can not print anything, the machine turns on normally and when commanded to print a nozzle check the printheads reaches the middle and stops with the error.


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Does the carriage bind in the middle?
Does the encoder strip look damaged in the middle?

What happens if you move the carriage all the way to the left before turning the machine on?


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Randya thanks for its good predisposition.
As you said you take carriage totally to me to the left, she extinguishes the printer and she reinitiates it.
Carriage went moving slowly towards capstation, before it arrived I indicate to the error E073 CR ORIGIN ERROR.


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Check the full length of the encoder carefully.
Check the function of the encoder sensor.
Reset "Home" position.


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Previously if it remembers we had to change the Simcard, it can be that the activation code that gave the people me of Oce corresponded to another small machine but? and for that reason the problem, is the unique thing that I modify and after it automatically to give that error.
Him shipment the information that I arrive myself with the new code:

Dear technician,
Concerning your service chip activation request, this is the data we received about your machine:
* Serial number: SP2K-970503
* Challenge code: "DF14 5FBF 2927 37F3 4CD1 B8C7 0B3C AF19"
* Machine company:
* Machine type:
65" / 90" Universal
Please note that the serial number of the machine is not correctly set.
In case this data is incorrect, please contact the service department.
If it is correct, please enter the activation code.
ACTIVATION_CODE: "947526D24687074A"


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If you are modifying the activation code, that could be the cause of the problem.

It sounds like your best bet is to contact customer service at Oce'.


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:peace!:Finally it was very simple to solve the problem.

after having disarmed the whole machine to find the fault and to be on the phone hours Oce Brazil, the problem was only the machine configuration.

Pressing the Up and Down arrow keys + power button = menu selection of car: 50 ", 65" and 90 ".

It was just a matter of selecting 90 to stop making the problem.

Thank you.