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Eclipse plotters ?


New Member
Has anyone been using the Eclipse plotters distributed by ND Graphics? I believe they're made by Summa.

I'm just curious in respect to how they work with Omega software. I've heard you can't cut directly from Omega like you would with with an HS15 type plotter and have to use a bridge program....also I've always used sprocket fed vinyl as opposed to friction feed but I can't see that as being much of a problem.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
To the best of my understanding, the Eclipse is a private label version of the same plotter that Gerber is selling as the P2C series plotters. I only know of one person that has gotten one (though I'm sure there a lots of others) and she seems pleased with it.

I can't imagine that ND Graphics would have any difficulty fully integrating it with your Gerber software since that is their main software line anyway.


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Thanks Fred, sorry about posting this in the wrong forum...I'll get the hang of it eventually!

Jon Aston

New Member
ND GRAPHICS developed the co-branded line of plotters with Summa long before Gerber did. Eclipse P2C (for 'Print-To-Cut') was my team's brainchild.

We chose to work with Summa (as I am sure Gerber did) because their plotters are an amazing buy. Fast, supremely accurate (P2C is guaranteed to track vinyl for 40' and OPOS registration has hairline accuracy) and backed by a rock-solid warranty (3 years in the case of P2C). We also liked the people at Summa, and the Summa organization as a whole: Every bit as user-friedly and reliable as their plotters! Summa chose ND GRAPHICS for much the same reasons.

Unfortunately, ND GRAPHICS doesn't write software, or device drivers. Getting Gerber together with Summa (a competitor, traditionally) took time. Gerber/Spandex also had other plotter manufacturer alliances already in place (and in the way) to boot. So you had to rely on a commbination of Gerber's generic HPGL driver, Illustrator and Co-cut software to use the P2C and OPOS system.

It is my understanding that the latest version (not sure it is released) of Gerber OMEGA includes a driver written for the P2C, specifically, and will drive OPOS...but you will want to verify this as fact. From there, you can be confident that you are buying the best.

Hope that helps...Good luck with your decision!

Oh - and BTW - ND should be able to provide you with a list of P2C owners to call.


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Thanks Jon...here's what our local ND Graphics rep out of Edmonton sent me...

" Omega 2.1 should be out by the end of the month. It is priced the same as the Omega 2.0 was, and well be a free upgrade for current Omega 2.0 users.

Gerber are going to be selling our Eclipse line, and as such they are including drivers in the new software. Our techs in Toronto haven't tested it yet, but they are currently under the opinion that the CoCut software would still be a great software to have if you are cutting digital prints, as it works with the OPUS upgrade exceptionally well. For the standard Eclipse drag knife plotters, Omega 2.1 should be fine on it's own."

Jon Aston

New Member

I find it difficult to believe that Gerber would write a proper driver for the plotter and not for the OPOS system...which is the way I read that note.

Call 1-888-NDGRAPH and dial extension 3351. You will get a guy named Ted Nesbitt (or his voicemail - I think he is travelling, currently). Ted is a super guy, and is more "in-the-know" about these sorts of issues than the sales team, generally speaking.

Don't forget to ask your Rep (or maybe Ted) for some references.

Again, good luck!