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Does anyone have any experience with or recommendations for setting up eCommerce websites? We are wanting to create some sort of online web store, so I am looking for suggestions on which software to research.

We use Cyrious Control, so we tried out Cyrious eCommerce. But we did not like the limited customization, and (ironically) integration with Control was not that great.

So now I am starting to look for something that can be somewhat custom built to suit our needs. Here are some things we are looking for:
  • Sign designer
  • Pricing changes based on customer selected options and customization. (e.g. size, material, add-ons, etc.)
  • Some type of pricing integration with Control (could be as simple as pulling the price of materials, labor, etc. and using that to calculate the website pricing)
  • Create orders in Control when order is placed on website
  • Link online products to existing products in Control
  • Online payment system (e.g. Paypal)
  • Shipping integration

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You should look into You would need to have them help you set up an integration between it and control, but I imagine it could be done with their API.

You're probably going to need to get a little more rigid with how you sell your products online though. Having products "Generate" automatically based on material costs and settings in your internal system probably won't happen. You'll need to build the products on your website, and have the orders sync into your internal system with order details.