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Edge 2 really foolproof?


New Member
On the Edge 2 is there any safeguard built in to stop the printer from opperating if the material or foil is left out. I imagine it wouldn't be desirable and be potentially damaging.
Not about to try it out but just wondering.
Can't see any microswitches etc. but maybe it works some other way.


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
There is a foil sensor that pauses the print run in the event of running out or the infrequent situation of a tear. One then replaces the foil and presses the online key and the vinylk backs up slightly and resumes printing. It will leave a smudge more often than not though.

There is also a vinyl out or jammed sensor that will shut down the print run.


New Member
Thanks Billct2 for your reply.
Just wanted to be sure that in the event ie. phone rings, interuptions etc. I inadvertantly start printing later thinking I'd earlier loaded a foil in the Edge.
Accidents do happen.
Wanted to know there was safeguard mechanisim to prevent possible damage.
Glad to see there is. Looks like I'm covered there
I do normally preshuffle as Gerber suggest in the manual to allow any dust etc. to be picked up prior to printing.



New Member
On the Edge FX it automatically compares the information on the foil tag with the job requirements. The printer displays a warning message if the foil it to short

Great website Mike!!